Sculpture "Pinch Pot Fish" Grades K - 7

Pinch Pot Fish is just one example of what a creative person can do with a simple pinch pot! The monster on the right is a wee bit scary but leave out the teeth and turn that frown upside down and you've got a happy goldfish!

Pinch Pot Fish can be made with any sculpture medium. "Pots" can be made as small as 1" across! Then the tail, fins and eyes are added. Larger fish can be created with more clay. The average size is about 1.5" - 2" diameter "pot".

The first sample is made of air-dry clay and has been left plain with no paint. The monster fish on the right is made with potter's clay, fired, glazed and re-fired. Similar results can be acheived with any medium. Air-dry clay finished with paints and acrylic gloss would be very cute!

Air-dry clay will remain somewhat fragile once dry.

Clay fish can be fired. Firing requires the use of a kiln. Many schools without kilns make arrangements with their local highschool art teacher to have their projects fired! Please be aware that firing clay will take at least a week and a half of time, usually longer due to kiln scheduling. Bisque-fired pieces (first firing) can be left as is or painted with tempera or acrylic paints.


Grades K - 7

  2 STARS out of 5 difficulty rating.

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